Home of the Braves

PATRICK O’B: Mother Mary and the Baby Jesus, we ain’t destroyed Atlanta like that since Shahman.

PATRICK O’M: Why the **** we playing the Braves anyway? What kind of rivalry is that? How come we ahn’t playin’ the **** Yankees?

CLIFF: I think Major League Baseball is trying to develop intracity rivalries. You know, like the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox, New York Mets and New York Yankees…

PATRICK O’B: Yeah, but the Braves ahn’t in Boston.

PATRICK O’M: Wondah if Majah League Baseball knows that. Maybe they’ah the ones taking those tests that keep showing a majority of Americans think Mexico is part of Americar.

CLIFF: Technically speaking, it is.

PATRICK O’B: What, ‘coz of all the illegal immigrants?

CLIFF: Because the U.S. is part of America. At least it should be. America, properly speaking, extends from Canada to Argentina. And the Braves used to be in Boston.  Remember Ruth?

PATRICK O’B: Hank Aaron never played in Boston.

CLIFF: No, by then the Braves had moved to Milwaukee.

PATRICK O’B: Heah, heah! Have anothah beah!


To be continued…


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