PATRICK O’B:***** Yankees did it to us again.

PATRICK O’M: How is it they can **** against Seattle,***** against the White Sox,***** against the Mets but they never, ever **** against us?

PATRICK O’B: We ah cursed.

PATRICK O’M: We weah cursed.

PATRICK O’B: I nevah believed any of that malahkey anyway… Dammit, O’Roahke, you spilled my beah! That’s bad luck! No, don’t wipe it up! That’s seven times the bad luck, you clumsy Mick.

CLIFF: Maybe you guys ought to look on the bright side. The Sox still have a nine game lead.

PATRICK O’M: Nine and a half.

PATRICK O’B: It ain’t enough. It’s nevah enough. Nevah. We could have a 162 game lead and they’d find a way to steal it from us. The Yankees are evil, man, evil. King George made a pact with the devil.

CLIFF: Maybe we could have another witch hunt.

PATRICK O’M: That **** Jetah looks like some voodoo kinda dude, don’t he? He’s got those wieahd eyes, like a cat. Can’t you just picthah him sacrificing a dead baby on the pitchah’s mound at Yankee Stadium and sprinkling its blood around that diamond?

CLIFF: I don’t think you can sacrifice a dead baby.

PATRICK O’M: Jetah would. That creepy bastahd would sacrifice his dead mothah if he had a chance.

PATRICK O’B: Ah, he’d just flub that too. E6.


to be continued…


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